[Abbywinters.com] Selvaggia – Bouncy Bottom (2022)

[Abbywinters.com] Selvaggia – Bouncy Bottom (2022)[Abbywinters.com] Selvaggia – Bouncy Bottom (2022)
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Selvaggia loves her long blonde hair, and the way its feathery texture resembles 1980s style icons like Princess Diana. “Hopefully, you find it as beautiful as I do” she declares, running her hands through the flowing locks. She peels off her green leggings, revealing how the sun kissed her bum during her beach holiday in Turkey. “It really turns me on having tan lines” she sighs, wiggling her hips. After playfully jumping on the bed, she gets naked and tries wearing her sports bra as panties, which puts her perfectly shaved pussy on display. “My skin is so smooth down here” she shares.

Relaxing on her pillows with her legs open, Selvaggia introduces us to her collection of rocks and crystals, which she uses to help make decisions and stay connected to her feminine energy. “It may be a little bit superstitious, but they’re beautiful regardless” she explains, as she places them on her breasts, before grabbing her bare feet and raising them over her head. Flipping over on all fours, she puts her hips in the air and discusses her love of researching star signs. “I know, it’s such a cliché, right? Rocks and astrology!” she giggles, then embraces her dreamy persona by burning some sage.

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[Abbywinters.com] Selvaggia – Bouncy Bottom (2022)[Abbywinters.com] Selvaggia – Bouncy Bottom (2022)

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