Falsa Apparenza

Falsa Apparenza

Genre: All Sex, Oral, Straight, Group Sex, Stockings

Starring: Violetta Scott as Elisa Rossi, Asia Preziosi, Baby Marilyn, Axel Ramirez, Richard White, Franco Biagini, Frank Mazza

Country: Italy
Director: Andy Casanova

Director Andy Casanova has crossed over with three mysteries. In Falsa Apparenza, a handsome male is not who he appears to be with his new woman. He is creepy and demands her legs spread with pink pussy for him to snack on. In Vision Carnale, a hot dark-haired woman has a dream that she committed a crime and had a threesome with two of her workers. In Perversione Macabre, a man lets his woman have sex with another man while he watches on the other side of the room. These three scene are intensive and figuring out what bought it on is the real mystery

Falsa Apparenza

1:16:07 | 512×288 | avi | 702Mb
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