FantasyMassage January 2020 2160p Siterip

FantasyMassage January 2020 2160p Siterip

FantasyMassage January 2020 2160p Siterip
FantasyMassage January 2020 2160p Siterip

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Dee Williams, Kenzie Reeves
Learning From The Best
Kit Mercer, Stirling Cooper
Product Testing
Giselle Palmer, Kayla Paige, Aften Opal
Business Audit
Candice Dare, Tyler Nixon
You Won’t Know Until You Try!
Chanel Preston, Codey Steele
Complementary Massage
Sarah Vandella, Katrina Jade, Mackenzie Moss
Couple’s Sex Injury
India Summer, Jessy Jones
Aunt’s Welcome Gift
Jenna Foxx, Bella Rolland
Small Town Massage
Jewelz Blu, Jason Moody
Getting Their Buddy Laid

Learning From The Best
Dee Williams & Kenzie Reeves
Kenzie Reevesis struggling while studying for her exam. She’s hoping to become a masseuse but she just can’t wrap her head around the section about bolsters. What do bolsters even DO, anyway?? While she laments into her laptop, her step-mom, Dee Williams, walks by. She’s concerned when she sees Kenzie struggling, asking what’s wrong. Kenzie explains what’s bothering her while also admiring Dee for how good of a masseuse SHE is. All Kenzie wishes is that she could’ve somehow inherited Dee’s masseuse skills! Dee insists that Kenzie will become as good a masseuse as she is one day with lots of practice. In fact, she’s happy to show Kenzie how to use a bolster herself. Kenzie, desperate to pass her exam and also in dire need of a study break, easily agrees

Kenzie’s soon on a massage table with a bolster under her knees. As Dee guides her through the process, she inexplicably becomes warm, though she tries to keep it to herself. When Dee has her flip over onto her front so that her ass and pussy is up in the air, though, the heat intensifies. Even Dee is caught up in the moment, her hand wandering to Kenzie’s pussy and giving it a rub. Although they are both embarrassed, they can’t deny the electricity crackling between them, so give into their desires

Dee takes full advantage of the bolster, fingering and eating out Kenzie since she’s so perfectly hoisted up. Of course, Kenzie wants to have a taste of Dee, too… If this lesson doesn’t stick, Kenzie will be more than happy to try, try again!

Pussy Licking, Big Tits, FaceSitting, Blonde, Tattoo, Tribbing, MILF, Lesbians, Natural Tits, Teen

This Pack Contains the following Sex Acts:
Cowgirl, Missionary, Sideways, Doggystyle, Double Penetration, Anal, Anal Missionary, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, Massage, Oil

[NuruMassage / FantasyMassage] – Kit Mercer, Stirling Cooper – Product Testing 2160p

Product Testing
Kit Mercer & Stirling Cooper
Kit Merceris waiting in an examination room. She seems a little nervous. Dr

Stirling Cooperenters, thanking her for being so patient. He tells her that now that she has signed all the necessary documents, he can explain what product she’ll be testing as part of the clinical trial that she signed up for, adding that she’s the FIRST person who will ever be trying the product

She listens expectantly as he tells her that she’ll be testing out a new oil, an oil that’s designed as a libido enhancer. It is in the form of an oil so that it can be absorbed in the pores. He tells Kit he would like to record her body’s reaction to the stimulus to see if her libido increases at all. Kit is shy, but Dr. Cooper reassures her that the trial is completely professional

Dr. Cooper puts rubber gloves on and applies some of the oil to Kit’s neck and she immediately becomes super horny. She starts to breathe heavily and looks at Dr. Cooper lustily, biting her lip

Becoming increasingly horny, Kit opens her shirt and places Dr. Cooper’s hands on her bare breasts, applying more oil to her. Kit grabs him and kisses him hard on the mouth, his eyes going comically wide in shock. He tries to pull away but she holds the kiss. In the same moment, she rips his button-down shirt open, pressing her bare breasts against his chest

Feeling the effects of the oil, Dr. Cooper is now super horny too. They decide that they need more oil and that they need to spread it all over their bodies. Kit has an idea of how to do that and begins to give Dr. Cooper a NURU massage

It’s safe to say that this is one VERY successful product test!

Oil, Kissing, Pussy Licking, Big Tits, Blonde, MILF, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Fingering, Body Sliding

[AllGirlMassage / FantasyMassage] – Giselle Palmer, Kayla Paige, Aften Opal – Business Audit 2160p

Business Audit
Giselle Palmer & Kayla Paige, Aften Opal
Aften Opal, a new masseuse, is manning the front desk when Kayla Paige, an auditor, struts in followed by her eager assistant, Giselle Palmer. Kayla is all business as she states that they’re there for a routine audit and that Aften should run along while they do their work. Not wanting to get in their way, Aften hurries away

When Aften leaves, Kayla grins to herself while watching after her. She LIKES what she sees… As Giselle hits the books, a mischievous thought crosses Kayla’s mind..

After Giselle is done crunching the numbers, Kayla slyly insists that they check on Aften again. Once they do, Kayla convinces Giselle to strip down and accept a massage from Aften. It’s all part of the auditing process, of course! They need to know Aften’s performing her best for the company, after all

Although Giselle is nervous, Aften is nothing but professional as she goes along with the request. As Aften works out the kinks in Giselle’s taut body, Kayla becomes even more daring and aroused. She convinces Giselle to accept a happy ending from Aften as part of the audit — for her own personal viewing pleasure! Although Giselle is anxious about it, she wants to impress Kayla, so she goes along with having her pussy eaten out by Aften. Of course, as Aften works her magic and gets Giselle all excited, Kayla makes her move and joins in on the fun, too

It’s a sensual threesome as the three ladies, with Kayla taking the lead, eagerly go down on each other. It seems like the massage parlor might have to be audited more often! Story inspired by an original submission by Fantasy Massage member, Ye_Olde_Banger!

Kissing, Pussy Licking, Big Tits, FaceSitting, Blonde, Brunette, Tattoo, MILF, 69, Threesome

[NuruMassage / FantasyMassage] – Candice Dare, Tyler Nixon – You Won’t Know Until You Try! 2160p

You Won’t Know Until You Try!
Candice Dare & Tyler Nixon
Tyler Nixon’s been getting regular massages every week from gorgeous masseuse Candice Dare. He’s obviously got his eye on the blonde bombshell, and one day during a session, he decides to take the plunge and ask her out

Much to his disappointment, Candice turns him down, telling him that she’s actually a lesbian. Undeterred, he asks if she’s ever had sex with a man, to which she says no. He continuously asks throughout the massage how she knows she’s a lesbian, then. Maybe she’d like sex with a man more than she thinks – she won’t know until she tries! Annoyed by her client, Candice finally decides there’s only one way to shut Tyler up: by having sex with him!

Close Up, Blonde, Blowjob, Body Sliding, Massage, Ass, Nuru Gel, Shaved

[FantasyMassage / FantasyMassage] – Chanel Preston, Codey Steele – Complementary Massage 2160p

Complementary Massage
Chanel Preston & Codey Steele
Chanel Prestonis relaxing in her bathrobe in her hotel room when there’s a knock on the door. When she answers it, she’s surprised to find Codey Steelestanding there holding a portable massage table. Codey insists that, because Chanel’s been at the hotel a few days, the staff wanted to give her a complementary massage to help ensure her stay is the best it can be. Although Chanel’s a bit shy at first, who is she to turn down a free massage?? After Codey sets up the table, Chanel removes her robe and panties. Once Codey starts running his strong hands all over her body, she’s in heaven and glad that she accepted the free massage! When Codey starts complimenting her, obviously enjoying her body, the heat steadily builds between them. She’s not sure if the compliments are professional, but she doesn’t mind hearing them! Finally, when Codey starts massaging her breasts and ass, she can’t deny the electricity between them any longer. When Codey touches her pussy, Chanel is more than ready for her happy ending. She is completely blissed out as Codey eats her out before giving her his cock. It seems her massage is turning into a workout, but she’s more than okay with that! With great service like THIS, she’ll definitely book this hotel again!

Oil, Pussy Licking, Big Tits, Brunette, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Foot Massage, Fingering, Massage, Ass Massage

[AllGirlMassage / FantasyMassage] – Sarah Vandella, Katrina Jade, Mackenzie Moss – Couple’s Sex Injury 2160p

Couple’s Sex Injury
Sarah Vandella & Katrina Jade, Mackenzie Moss
Sarah Vandellaand Mackenzie Moss, a married couple, arrive at a massage parlor. Mackenzie is looking stiff, holding her lower back and rubbing her tender ass, while Sarah is looking on sympathetically. Mackenzie is embarrassed to be at the massage parlor for her injury but Sarah insists that it’s better that they get it taken care of now! Katrina Jade, the masseuse, is intrigued as she overhears all of this. As they come to her for a spontaneous booking, she makes room in her schedule for them and leads them to the private room

Mackenzie shyly strips and gets on the massage table while Sarah watches on. Sarah encourages Mackenzie to tell Katrina the truth about her injury so that she can best be taken care of. When Mackenzie doesn’t budge, Sarah comes out and says it: Mackenzie slipped on some lube while they were celebrating their anniversary! Although Mackenzie is majorly embarrassed, Katrina assures her that sex injuries are pretty common. At least they had fun in the heat of the moment, right? Sarah agrees and soon partakes in the massage to help make Mackenzie feel all better. Of course, heat naturally builds between the three women, and it’s not long before Sarah and Mackenzie decide to have a bit more fun and seduce the masseuse! Everyone gets a happy ending as they climb all over each other on the massage table. Soon they’re all naked and enjoying the taste of each other’s pussies. It seems like all Mackenzie needed to feel better was to work it all out! Story inspired by an original submission by Fantasy Massage member, Metalheadforty2!

Oil, Kissing, Pussy Licking, Big Tits, Blonde, Brunette, Ass Rubbing, Tattoo, MILF, Body Massage

[NuruMassage / FantasyMassage] – India Summer, Jessy Jones – Aunt’s Welcome Gift 2160p

Aunt’s Welcome Gift
India Summer & Jessy Jones
Jessy Jonesarrives at his aunt India Summer’s house and gives her NURU gel as a gift to welcome her into the family since she just married into it. He is oblivious to how inappropriate the gift is, though India knows. Jessy doesn’t understand why it’s a weird gift. She’s a masseuse, and this said ‘massage’ on the bottle so he thought this was the perfect gift for her! Massage gel is massage gel, right? Isn’t it all the same? She begins to explain why the gift is inappropriate but before she can finish, an excited Jessy insists that she should try the gel out now by giving him a massage! India hesitates and is clearly about to say no but Jessy has a dumb hopeful grin on his face. India is still embarrassed but also not wanting to offend him (and finding him a bit cute and charming) agrees to give him a massage

India leads Jessy to the mattress. Jessy is confused as he asks what the mattress is for — where’s the massage table? India explains that THIS is why the gel was an inappropriate gift. It’s for NURU massages, which are way more erotic than normal massages

India then tells Jessy to strip down and begins stripping down herself – his eyes go wide. Yet, he can’t help staring at her. Jessy lamely says that they can keep their clothes on if it’s too weird, even if like she said they’re not related

India insists that the only way the gel works is with skin-on-skin contact. So this is the only way they’re going to get to enjoy his gift, she’s afraid. But he’s a grown man over 18 now, so as long as they both keep their hands to themselves during the massage no lines will be crossed! Jessy stutters but excitedly agrees

India massages Jessy and the tension between them grows. Pretty soon, they are caught up in the heat of the moment and give in to their lust as India uses the gel to stroke Jessy’s dick, instantly driving him wild

Jessy may have brought his aunt a welcome gift, but HE’S the one who’s really getting a gift today…

Oil, Brunette, Tattoo, MILF, Body Massage, Blowjob, Facial, Deepthroat, Masturbation, Natural Tits

[AllGirlMassage / FantasyMassage] – Jenna Foxx, Bella Rolland – Small Town Massage 2160p

Small Town Massage
Jenna Foxx & Bella Rolland
Bella Rollandis a big city girl stuck in a small town for a family trip, and she is NOT impressed. Her back is aching and she can only find one masseuse in town — just one! And when she arrives at the parlor, she is not impressed by its amenities. It lacks everything Bella feels she needs to really get the knots out of her back

Meanwhile, Jenna Foxx, the masseuse and owner of the parlor, is patiently listening to Bella complaining. She tries to smile through it all but Bella doesn’t make it easy for her. Nonetheless, when Bella finally calms down, Jenna’s able to give her a massage. That doesn’t mean Bella stays quiet, though, as she continues to complain and brag, giving Jenna a headache. Finally, Jenna decides to show a little small-town hospitality and gives Bella a happy ending to try and shut her up

Bella is vocal in a different way now as Jenna goes down on her, diving into her pussy. Even though Bella likes to talk smack, Jenna’s able to actually enjoy herself, especially when Bella returns the favor. But will Bella be a changed woman after the massage or will she go back to her big city ways?

Kissing, Pussy Licking, Big Tits, Close Up, Brunette, 69, Lesbians, Fingering, Natural Tits, Ebony

[NuruMassage / FantasyMassage] – Jewelz Blu, Jason Moody – Getting Their Buddy Laid 2160p

Getting Their Buddy Laid
Jewelz Blu & Jason Moody
Jason Moodyand his friend arrive at a massage parlor. Jason is curious why he’s being gifted a massage. His friend tells him that it’s because Jason needs to get over a recent breakup and relax a little. Jason is saddened as he’s reminded of the breakup, insisting that she was THE ONE, though the friend rolls his eyes and tells him to get over it

Masseuse Jewelz Bluappears, greeting them. The friend grabs Jason and pushes him to the front, and tells her that he’s there for his ‘exclusive package’ massage, exchanging knowing looks and grins with Jewelz while Jason is clearly oblivious. Jason is also polite but shy around Jewelz. Jewelz invites Jason to follow her

Jason is very shy as he showers with Jewelz, who sensually massages him. He is naive about Jewelz’s intentions even as she strokes his cock

After the shower, Jewelz takes Jason into the private room and starts the NURU massage. She is very erotic and sexual but Jason still thinks it’s all innocent and part of a typical massage

Jewelz starts stroking Jason’s cock in a much more obvious way that even Jason can’t shrug off. He’s startled, asking what she’s doing. Again, Jewelz insists that this is a natural part of the massage. Surely he’s heard of happy endings before. Jason is hesitant but tempted… and Jewelz IS very pretty, so…Jewelz is pleased with his compliment and how he’s finally giving in, and coaxes him further until he says yes. She puts his cock in her mouth

Jason’s friend wanted to get him laid…and it looks like his plan worked!

Pussy Licking, Big Tits, Shower, Blowjob, 69, Cum On Tits, Body Sliding, Massage, HD Porn, Nuru Gel

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