HumiliationPOV – Goddess Leena Fox – Ass Addict Mindwash Loop For Brainless Aroma Gooners – Findom

HumiliationPOV – Goddess Leena Fox – Ass Addict Mindwash Loop For Brainless Aroma Gooners – Findom

Goddess Leena Fox! This intense aroma gooning ass worship mindfuck clip has a mindbending audio track filled with whispers and layers upon layers of Goddess Leena’s voice that will completely overwhelm your fucked up brain.
You love my ass, don’t you? And who could blame you? Just look at it. It’s fucking perfect. Soft, round, perky, and tight. But do you wanna know the best thing about my perfect ass is? Do you? It’s that I know just how to use my perfect ass to manipulate your simple gooner brain. I can get you to do whatever I want with it, and it’s so easy. Sniff. Goon. Sniff. Goon. It’s so easy. It’s fucking perfect. Do you want a demonstration of how easy it is for me to turn you into a jacking, gooning idiot for my ass? Of course you do. So just listen as my words mindfuck you and my ass mesmerizes you into brainless oblivion.
It’s so easy. You love my ass. Goon. Sniff. Goon all fucking night for my ass. Deep breath in. You are gonna sniff and goon until you’re completely mindfucked, completely braindeåd for this perfect ass. You’re gonna sniff and jerk all night long. You love my ass. You are so fucked, you are completely braindeåd. Keep staring at my ass, I know you couldn’t look away if you wanted to. It’s so perfect. It makes you so fucking horny. You are completely braindeåd.
Time for another sniff and I’ll mindfuck you even deeper. Deep breath in and hold it. Stare at my perfect ass and let it all out. My ass is going to fucking destroy you. It’s gonna fuck up your whole life. Especially when I have you so messed up like this. Completely mindfucked. I’m going to make you so addicted to my ass. Edge your cock for my ass. Goon until your brains leak out of your head. You can’t stop, can you? You can’t escape my perfect ass. It’s taking over mind, you’re getting more addicted by the second you stupid gooner. Time for another sniff. You’re completely braindeåd.
My ass fucks you up so badly. You’re never gonna be the same after this. You’re not going to be able to stop gooning for my ass. You love my ass. Look at you, you’re so fucked up and completely focused on my perfect ass. Lose your mind. Edge for my ass. Edge for perfection. You can’t think. Just gooning and mindless and mindfucked. It feels so good gooning for my ass, sniffing for my ass. You love it so much that you are going to play this clip on loop, over and over and over again. Sniffing and gooning, completely mindfucked until my ass is all you can think about. Nothing else makes you this horny. Time for another hit gooner.
I’m going to keep you so fucked up and completely mindfucked while you replay this all night long. Edging and sniffing and gooning. You’re going to be so addicted. You’re only going to able to cum for my perfect ass. My ass will control your orgasms, my ass will control your life. My ass will control your wallet. You’re completely braindeåd for my ass. Loop it gooner. You’re completely mindfucked. Braindeåd.
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File Name : 11___leenagoonass

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