Melanie Hicks In Free Use Anal Step Mom (2021)

Melanie Hicks In Free Use Anal Step Mom (2021)Melanie Hicks In Free Use Anal Step Mom (2021)
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Studio: Taboo Heat
Cast: Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks, Luke Longly

Step Mom Says – You Get to Fuck My Ass.
Walking into the Kitchen, I just want some Pop Tarts and OJ for breakfast. I find my half naked Step Mom Melanie waiting for me. She asks if I know where my Step-Dad is and I have no idea. He is at work and I don’t know why. Melanie informs me that he is fucking his Assistant and not her. His loss is my gain as I get to fuck Melanie for breakfast. The surprise is, I get to fuck my Step Mom in all her holes this morning.. She sets her big tits free from her bra and let’s me squeeze them. Next she is on the floor sucking my cock before letting me slide my hard cock into her pussy and ass! I was really surprised at how well Melanie took my cock in her ass…It’s not the biggest but still, Melanie really likes Anal sex! Good thing for me, I Like giving it to her.
Fucking Step Mom While She is on the Phone.
I walk into my bedroom to eat a Hot Pocket and find my Step Mom laying on my bed talking to someone. Find out my half naked Step Mom is talking to her Step Sister Cory. She keeps talking and I whip out my cock and shove it into her mouth. She is telling Cory about what we are doing between sucks of my cock. Melanie is really deep into conversation when I move to her shorts and slide them off. I grab her hips and slide my cock in from behind. Not a bad ass for a Step Mom! Now she is starting to get loud. I move her to the edge of my bed and fuck both her holes, switching back and forth from pussy to ass. Melanie is rubbing it that I am fucking her. Almost bragging to her step sister that I am fucking her. I don’t care, I just want to fuck my Step Mom. Melanie even mentions a possible threesome. To cap this perfect conversation, Melanie let’s her Step Sister hear me cum in her mouth, she swallowed everything too!…I see a possible Step Family Threesome in our future!
Ass to Mouth Step Family 3Sum.
Later in the day, I found some Ladies Underwear on the couch. I walk into Step Mom’s room and find her with Aunt Cory half naked on the bed. Asking what they are doing, Melanie mentions I told Cory what was happening at home. There is some tension at first but Melanie was hoping I would walk in and stick my cock into Aunt Cory’s mouth. I was ready to do that at more! Cory crawls over and starts to suck my cock. Melanie watches but does not take long to get naked and join in. Never thought Melanie would do ass to mouth with her Step Sister but she did. Cory also did the same…Ass to Ass blew my mind. Melanie let’s me fuck Cory’s ass and pussy till I cum. She waits like a little birdie while I fuck Cory’s ass and then finish in Melanie’s mouth. Time for a snack and to get ready for round two!

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Melanie Hicks In Free Use Anal Step Mom (2021)Melanie Hicks In Free Use Anal Step Mom (2021)

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