Shia – shiaswordgirl – Onlyfans – Siterip – K2S

Shia – shiaswordgirl – Onlyfans – Siterip – K2SShia – shiaswordgirl – Onlyfans – Siterip – K2S

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shiaswordgirl 01-11-2020 65066438 @yaniverse and I are BACK, and answering questions in asmr If you have a question youБ─≥d like us to answer in our.mp4
shiaswordgirl 01-12-2020 76270952 Ever wonder how my admiration and delight of swords devised From the first volume of Kill Bill, another Quentin Tarantino w.mp4
shiaswordgirl 02-04-2021 130034483 slide into my DMs letБ─≥s play a Б ■О╦▐ game.mp4
shiaswordgirl 02-08-2021 178197571 to be a warrior, you must train П÷≈║.mp4
shiaswordgirl 03-02-2021 104091895 Breathe me IБ─≥m snow blue. ItБ─≥s cold and snowy. Brush against me, fair day wind. IБ─≥m the apocalyptic angelБ─■ fire you.mp4
shiaswordgirl 03-02-2021 104105702 How elegant my water flows..mp4
shiaswordgirl 03-06-2021 153625651 what r u up to this evening hunny dm me Б ■О╦▐.mp4
shiaswordgirl 03-07-2021 165141615 swipe Б·║О╦▐ THE AMERICAN П÷┤╨П÷┤╦ REVOLUTION.mp4
shiaswordgirl 03-12-2020 77366524 This is my favorite girl fight in history. The heaping dose of gusto the characters emanate gives them a twist of supernatur.mp4
shiaswordgirl 03-12-2020 77545983 Watch me turn @yaniverse into a BAD girl Muahaha How did I do Tell me below Thanks for tuning in, again П÷≈║ Shia.mp4
shiaswordgirl 04-02-2021 104581842 Suddenly, you donБ─≥t know me at all. П÷■╙.mp4
shiaswordgirl 04-04-2021 130738072 some of the deadliest warriors throughout history Б─╒ Count Roland Б─╒ Vlad the Impaler Б─╒ Varvakis Б─╒ Lu Bu Б─╒ Sun Tzu .mp4
shiaswordgirl 04-04-2021 131037199 come chat with me in my dms IБ─≥m available all night.mp4
shiaswordgirl 04-06-2021 153894780 NEW EPISODE П÷■╔swipe Б·║О╦▐ Б²╓О╦▐ make sure to message me and let me know what you thought of this new episode Б²╓О╦▐.mp4
shiaswordgirl 04-06-2021 153929074 filming for my new video what battle do you think i am covering next send me a dm.mp4
shiaswordgirl 05-01-2021 90593738 DonБ─≥t ever make yourself smaller to make others more comfortable with you. П÷■╙.mp4
shiaswordgirl 05-05-2021 142720804 swipe Б·║О╦▐ to watch me explain genghis khan in 6 minutes П÷╔╣ check your DMs for the pictures i took of myself after thi.mp4
shiaswordgirl 05-11-2020 66502168 GOOD NEWS П÷▄┬ @yaniverse and I will be going LIVE this Friday sometime in the afternoon CST. Updates on exactly what time c.mp4
shiaswordgirl 06-04-2021 131628970 If you were an ancient warrior, what warrior what you be, and then dm me what you think I would be.mp4
shiaswordgirl 06-04-2021 131663765 not only am I obsessed with warriors, I AM a warrior П÷≈║.mp4
shiaswordgirl 06-05-2021 142941290 the pirate samurai explained П÷≈║П÷≈║П÷≈║П÷≈║П÷≈║П÷≈║П÷≈║П÷≈║ join me in my dms for more exclusive content П÷≤≤.mp4
shiaswordgirl 06-07-2021 166144661 pool day П÷▓╕.mp4
shiaswordgirl 06-07-2021 166408766 dm me to see more of my beach vacation at a HISTORICAL hotel.mp4
shiaswordgirl 07-01-2021 91773661 In life, be prepared to fail. Expect it, and prepare to defeat the enemy and claim your rightful prize. Б ■О╦▐.mp4
shiaswordgirl 07-03-2021 119395372 Б ■О╦▐ Shocking Viking Facts Б ■О╦▐.mp4
shiaswordgirl 07-04-2021 132090674 I donБ─≥t just talk about warriors, I am one..mp4
shiaswordgirl 07-06-2021 154747156 who else will be tuning into the mayweather vs paul Б─°exhibitionБ─² this evening dm me Б²╓О╦▐П÷■╔.mp4
shiaswordgirl 07-11-2020 67247813 I will be responding to all of your beautiful messages tomorrow I had a photoshoot that really kept me busy today Thank yo.mp4
shiaswordgirl 08-05-2021 143850062 replying to dms П÷╓⌠П÷≤█П÷╔╟.mp4
shiaswordgirl 08-07-2021 167189582 which is your favorite.mp4
shiaswordgirl 09-02-2021 106898106 Got nut milk.mp4
shiaswordgirl 09-03-2021 120167114 THE HISTORY OF ANCIENT WEAPONRY Which video should I make next.mp4
shiaswordgirl 09-04-2021 132964406 SHIASWORDGIRL П÷≈║ Lace Lingerie action.mp4
shiaswordgirl 09-06-2021 155820501 new video this thursday П÷≈║.mp4
shiaswordgirl 09-07-2021 167497225 PREVIEW for a brand new podcast i am releasing tomorrow. this first episode is a conversation with a US soldier.mp4
shiaswordgirl 10-01-2021 92976818 Sword Practice П÷■╙ 6 water bottles were harmed in the making of this video Admittedly, I sucked today. Out of 6 water bot.mp4
shiaswordgirl 10-07-2021 167876018 my conversation with a US soldier Б ■О╦▐П÷╓═П÷┤╨П÷┤╦ swipe Б·║О╦▐ dm me and let me know what you think about this.mp4
shiaswordgirl 10-08-2021 182050220 VICTORY DAY swipe Б·║О╦▐ for video.mp4
shiaswordgirl 10-12-2020 80400690 Recently, IБ─≥ve been reflecting on how important it is to let things go that are not working, at least for the time being. .mp4
shiaswordgirl 11-04-2021 133496998 I have super wild and intense new content for sale in the dms today, just ask me for it For those of you who donБ─≥t alrea.mp4
shiaswordgirl 11-04-2021 133733671 .mp4
shiaswordgirl 11-04-2021 133741138 .mp4
shiaswordgirl 11-04-2021 133741290 .mp4
shiaswordgirl 11-05-2021 144945242 available to chat all night dm me x.mp4
shiaswordgirl 11-07-2021 168264615 swipe Б·║О╦▐ for my prediction on tonightБ─≥s fight for CHAMPION П÷■╔П÷■╔ who do you think is going to win.mp4
shiaswordgirl 11-12-2020 80817782 LetБ─≥s take a moment as the Shia Sword Girl community to thank the sword gods for my glorious performance at the end of thi.mp4
shiaswordgirl 12-01-2021 93741370 People in your life acting as if their П÷╖═ brains have been dragged on cement Do this.mp4
shiaswordgirl 12-01-2021 94024934 Б⌡⌠ SHIASWORDGIRL IS LOKO Б⌡⌠ cutting at the end.mp4
shiaswordgirl 12-02-2021 108040464 What is your favorite Pringle flavor What should I chop next Let me know in my DMs П÷▓╜.mp4
shiaswordgirl 12-03-2021 121765728 Swipe right Б·║О╦▐ to watch my newest video Do you like the turn I have taken on my new content.mp4
shiaswordgirl 12-05-2021 145021557 new video coming thurs П÷▄≥ iБ─≥m glued to my dms tonight, so take full advantage.mp4
shiaswordgirl 12-05-2021 145384006 dm me iБ─≥m available all night П÷▓≈ new video coming tomorrow.mp4
shiaswordgirl 12-06-2021 156771353 swipe Б·║О╦▐ for the new video.mp4
shiaswordgirl 12-07-2021 168693953 swipe Б·║О╦▐ post fight reaction video were you disappointed or satisfied with the outcome.mp4
shiaswordgirl 12-12-2020 81187061 As always, the slicing surprise is at the end.mp4
shiaswordgirl 13-03-2021 122388553 Chat with my in my DMs IБ─≥ve available all weekend. LetБ─≥s play a game.mp4
shiaswordgirl 13-04-2021 134425555 more behind the scenes of my songwriting process. IБ─≥m filming two new battle related videos today.mp4
shiaswordgirl 13-05-2021 145624477 if you were an ancient warrior, what kind would you be.mp4
shiaswordgirl 14-02-2021 108901128 Composed a beautiful ValentineБ─≥s Day song with my twin sister https yaniverse @yaniverse.mp4
shiaswordgirl 14-02-2021 109224894 Watch me slice giant jugs of snackies https yaniverse.mp4
shiaswordgirl 14-04-2021 134900103 2 new videos coming out this weekend #1 PROSTITUTE TURNED SAVAGE PIRATE П÷▐╢Б─█Б≤═О╦▐ #2 THE REAL AMERICAN MOB.mp4
shiaswordgirl 14-05-2021 145939935 THE FEMALE SAMURAI swipe Б·║О╦▐ right for video.mp4
shiaswordgirl 14-06-2021 157669559 i just picked up the packages you guys sent me from my amazon wishlist look out for them in my upcoming videos П÷▓≈ dm me .mp4
shiaswordgirl 15-01-2021 95091821 4 victims (water bottles hehehe) SHIA HAS NO MERCAAAYY П÷▓╔.mp4
shiaswordgirl 15-02-2021 109514945 TinaБ─≥s going DOWN A skit with my twin Do you like the skits we do together https yaniverse.mp4
shiaswordgirl 15-03-2021 123137755 slide into my dms П÷▄┬П÷▄≥П÷▄┬П÷▄≥П÷▄┬П÷▄≥.mp4
shiaswordgirl 15-05-2021 146421799 dm me iБ─≥m bored Б²╓О╦▐П÷╔╟.mp4
shiaswordgirl 15-06-2021 158104309 П÷■╔П÷■╔UFC update covering last saturdayБ─≥s fights swipe Б·║О╦▐ for new video П÷■╔П÷■╔.mp4
shiaswordgirl 16-03-2021 123255272 Б ■О╦▐THE FEMALE SAMURAI Б ■О╦▐.mp4
shiaswordgirl 16-04-2021 135687237 new video getting uploaded today DM me to chat П÷≈║.mp4
shiaswordgirl 18-04-2021 136453082 PROSTITUTE TURNED SAVAGE PIRATE П÷▐╢Б─█Б≤═О╦▐ fully edited version of this video coming out this week.mp4
shiaswordgirl 18-06-2021 159050443 reviewing the tiktok vs youtube boxing match П÷╔┼.mp4
shiaswordgirl 18-12-2020 83678613 I just havenБ─≥t been feeling incredible lately. IБ─≥ve been having nightmares and remembering things IБ─≥ve buried from the.mp4
shiaswordgirl 19-06-2021 159461644 Б ■О╦▐.mp4
shiaswordgirl 19-10-2020 60680423 Good morning, cuties IБ─≥m Shia and I love to slice fun objects with my handmade katana sword Next, I want to cut so.mp4
shiaswordgirl 19-11-2020 71636413 IБ─≥m back and slicier than ever П÷≈║ ThereБ─≥s a slicing surprise at the end of the video. Just a girl and her butter knife.mp4
shiaswordgirl 20-02-2021 111808598 I recorded my first song today. IБ─≥m so excited to share with youБ─■I actually have an entire EP coming. Until then, here .mp4
shiaswordgirl 20-06-2021 159807782 filmed a new video tonight this top is from one of my sweet fans did you know i have an amazon wishlist https http://www.amaz.mp4
shiaswordgirl 20-07-2021 172096001 Б ■О╦▐ the civil war Б ■О╦▐ swipe Б·║О╦▐ for video.mp4
shiaswordgirl 20-11-2020 72250237 Finally Friday ThereБ─≥s a slicing surprise at the end. Chop chop Б°╗Б°╗Б°╗Б°╗Б°╗Б°╗Б°╗Б°╗ Just a little reminderБ─■message.mp4
shiaswordgirl 20-12-2020 84283336 When @yaniverse and I fell asleep last night, a BURGLAR broke in Big mistake, buddy. YouБ─≥re messinБ─≥ with the WRONG swor.mp4
shiaswordgirl 21-03-2021 125254682 GENGHIS KHAN The Greatest Conqueror which video should I make next.mp4
shiaswordgirl 21-04-2021 137587652 PROSTITUTE TURNED SAVAGE PIRATE.mp4
shiaswordgirl 21-05-2021 148319855 swipe Б·║О╦▐ for NEW video Б ■О╦▐ П÷■╔ check your dms for exclusive blooper reel П÷■╔.mp4
shiaswordgirl 21-06-2021 160353344 Love yah Б²╓О╦▐.mp4
shiaswordgirl 21-10-2020 61393060 Goodmorning I am going shopping right now to buy things to cut with my sword Have the best day ever П÷╔╟Xo Shia.mp4
shiaswordgirl 21-12-2020 84760810 THE BLOOPER REELП÷≤│ From the last burglar skit video @yaniverse and I just made Б²╓О╦▐ Message me and letБ─≥s get closer.mp4
shiaswordgirl 22-02-2021 112552865 WhatБ─≥s your favorite kind of cereal Mine is ReeseБ─≥s puffs П÷≈║.mp4
shiaswordgirl 22-06-2021 160621521 letБ─≥s talk about juneteenthБ─╕swipe Б·║О╦▐ for the video.mp4
shiaswordgirl 23-01-2021 98993655 MUAHAHHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAA.mp4
shiaswordgirl 23-10-2020 62070961 @yaniverse and I teamed up for some asmr cupcake tasting featuring my mighty katana sword slicing skills Sorry, fo.mp4
shiaswordgirl 23-10-2020 62118110 Good rising, beautiful spirits Б°╗Б ■О╦▐Б°╗ I just got out of surgery for my deviated septum IБ─≥m alive .mp4
shiaswordgirl 23-11-2020 73315100 Slicing down heavenБ─≥s door this Monday With all the chaos among us, I wish you the best. IБ─≥m not crazy busy today, so p.mp4
shiaswordgirl 24-02-2021 113652461 Slicing LITERS of SODA П÷╔╓П÷▓╔ This causes the loudest boom П÷╓╞ sound, if anyone was wondering..mp4
shiaswordgirl 24-04-2021 138866395 random post but swordgirl got a new hairstyle.mp4
shiaswordgirl 24-06-2021 161331468 thanks for showing me love Б²╓О╦▐ i love you too.mp4
shiaswordgirl 24-06-2021 161523309 i got a new set.mp4
shiaswordgirl 24-07-2021 173887157 WORKD WAR II swipe Б·║О╦▐ for new video.mp4
shiaswordgirl 24-10-2020 62468734 BTS for @yaniverse and IБ─≥s ASMR Cupcake Tasting extravaganza. Are you as obsessed with this cutie, as I am I freaking lo.mp4
shiaswordgirl 25-01-2021 99850592 I got fired П÷■╔ today from my styling job, pls send П÷▓╟П÷≤┘.mp4
shiaswordgirl 25-02-2021 114337678 I wrote this song last night. Do you think I should finish it.mp4
shiaswordgirl 25-02-2021 114544894 Will you join us this evening We will be baking cakes and more П÷╖│ https onlyfina https ya.mp4
shiaswordgirl 25-03-2021 126879382 I have 4 big videos that will be released this weekend. At least one will be coming to you tomorrow. Slide into my DMs I.mp4
shiaswordgirl 25-11-2020 74319974 I think, therefore I slice П÷≈║ As usual, the slicing surprise is at the end. My skills are improving…….. Comment below .mp4
shiaswordgirl 26-03-2021 127303059 join me on OFTV for more exclusive content https creators 3322.mp4
shiaswordgirl 26-11-2020 74580080 I donБ─≥t want to be in control, I just want to slice water bottles with my butter knife П÷╖┬ This is also my favori.mp4
shiaswordgirl 26-12-2020 86568592 7 water П÷▓╕ bottles were harmed in the making of this video П÷≈║.mp4
shiaswordgirl 26-12-2020 86749605 I think my sword needs sharpening Or my skills have been a little Б─°offБ─²Б─■either way I am looking gooooooood П÷≤┌ Б ■.mp4
shiaswordgirl 27-03-2021 127906060 letБ─≥s chat П÷▓╜ dm me Б─■ new video coming today.mp4
shiaswordgirl 27-03-2021 128015037 hit me in my dms.mp4
shiaswordgirl 27-05-2021 150825358 П÷■╔wars that changed the world part 2 WWIП÷■╔ swipe Б·║О╦▐ for new video Б°╗find me on the OFTV website app @shiaswor.mp4
shiaswordgirl 27-06-2021 162501391 PTSD AWARENESS VIDEO SWIPE Б·║О╦▐.mp4
shiaswordgirl 27-06-2021 162631873 Pool day Б ■О╦▐ Tan line or none.mp4
shiaswordgirl 28-02-2021 115738530 last night in studio, just put together this new song yesterday and it is not finished, but here is some bts. swing into my.mp4
shiaswordgirl 28-12-2020 87317095 Is the Б─■Б─≤has his sushi gotten any better Б─≥Б─■ line insinuating a metaphor for slicing opponents The background sympho.mp4
shiaswordgirl 29-01-2021 101595997 My first collab with Jessica from @mylifeathome We give you tips around the house. DM me for an special video we made in .mp4
shiaswordgirl 29-03-2021 128475890 Б ■О╦▐ PIRATE TORTArrghh Б ■О╦▐.mp4
shiaswordgirl 29-03-2021 128803444 do I look like an elf.mp4
shiaswordgirl 30-07-2021 176770525 swipe П÷▄╦Б·║О╦▐П÷▄╦ for new video П÷▓▀П÷▓▀П÷▓▀.mp4
shiaswordgirl 31-03-2021 129287191 JAPANESE PIRATES Б─°The WokouБ─² Б ■О╦▐ swipe Б·║О╦▐.mp4
shiaswordgirl 31-12-2020 88929665 П÷▓╔ HAPPY NYE П÷▓╔ ShiaSwordGirl fights @yaniverse Б─≥s new potential suitor Б ■О╦▐.mp4

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