Slip It In 11 (2021)

Slip It In 11 (2021)Slip It In 11 (2021)
Released: Aug 31 2021
Production Year: 2021
Starring: Gianna Dior , Sofi Ryan , Ella Reese , Desiree Dulce , Lexi Mansfield
Categories: Big Butt, Big Cocks, Blowjobs, Erotic Vignette, Gonzo, Naturally Busty, Shaved, Upskirt
Starring Sofi Ryan
Logan’s girlfriend, Desiree, is a cam girl. He doesn’t mind at all, most of the time he loves showing off his girl but every so often he gets a bit jealous. This afternoon things are going to be a little different. As she turns all her attention on him to show her true devotion to her number one fan! When Ella Reese walks by Tyler at the construction site, it’s kind of obvious she’s looking for attention. Strutting her stuff. Looking for a nice big drill. With all the noise at the construction site, nobody else is going to notice this slutty succubus getting filled up and pounded in the back lot. She’s not wearing a hard hat, but she gives some killer head. You adore her as a performer, but did you know that Gianna Dior has some impressive flexibility and dance skills? Gianna shows off that same flexibility and enthusiasm by devouring Chad’s thick cock – drooling, spitting, licking, worshiping. All for the bouncy bright flashing hardcore finale! Little Lexi Mansfield is cute, flirty, and playful. She’ll pose for you. She’ll undress for you. Lexi admits that once she gets going, she becomes quite a freaky devil. When she started shooting her own content, she lets her inner nympho out! Public masturbation, public sex. And that kind of energy comes through in this scene. Lexi is squirting, she’s cumming, and she takes a facial like she’s been craving it all day! Sofi and Alex are working on a college project together, but he’s a bit of a slacker while she’s a straight-A nerd-type. Or so we think. Study hard, ride hard. I guess one way to motivate the apathetic male colleague is and bury their face in your huge tits, eventually building up to sliding their cock underneath your cute little plaid skirt to squeeze down on it with your tight wet pussy. These DD’s get A’s, homeboy.

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Slip It In 11 (2021)Slip It In 11 (2021)

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