[TheLifeErotic.com] Gaia Sofia – Sexual Release 2 (2021)

[TheLifeErotic.com] Gaia Sofia – Sexual Release 2 (2021)[TheLifeErotic.com] Gaia Sofia – Sexual Release 2 (2021)
Tags : Solo, Posing, Bedroom, Bikini, Panties, Bondage, Sex Toys, Brunette, Indoors, Masturbation

Description: Sexy brunette submissive Gaia Sofia is bound, gagged, and crammed into a tiny cage fashioned from a wooden crib and bondage cords. She is on her knees, head bowed and ass thrust in the air, naked except for black thong panties. Turned on by her kinky predicament, she squirms against the mattress.

Next, an anonymous man wearing black surgical gloves strokes her panty-crotch, then stretches it aside to expose her trimmed pussy and tight asshole. He teases her slit and, when she is wet enough, pumps a black dildo in her snatch and pushes it in deep. His latex-clad fingers tease the rim of her asshole, then guide her hands onto the dildo before he leaves.

Alone again, Gaia slips her wrist-bonds and reaches back to plow and churn the toy inside of her snatch. Soon, the head and shaft are coated in her cream and she moans through her gag as her pleasure builds. She continues to masturbate, working the toy against her clit then pounding her audibly wet pussy as she writhes behind the bars of her makeshift prison.

After rolling over to flaunt beautiful tanlined breasts, she reams herself missionary style with the dildo as her free hand circles her clit. She stretches her long, slim legs, eases them between the cords above her, and hooks her bare feet over the sides of the crib. Now she can frig her pussy with even more vigor, gyrating her hips and bucking her butt clear of the mattress as she whimpers in ecstasy.

Her cute tits quiver and she grabs her ass cheeks. Then she parts the ropes and sits up, churning the toy even harder until she orgasms, head thrown back as she sighs in release.

We leave her in a state of total bliss, licking her cum off of the dildo.

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[TheLifeErotic.com] Gaia Sofia – Sexual Release 2 (2021)[TheLifeErotic.com] Gaia Sofia – Sexual Release 2 (2021)

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