[TheLifeErotic.com] Lea B – Ripped Nylons 2 (2020)

[TheLifeErotic.com] Lea B – Ripped Nylons 2 (2020)
Tags : Solo, Posing, Bedroom, Indoors, Masturbation, Redhead, Stilettos

Description: Gorgeous redhead Lea B is alone in her bedroom, sipping coffee and messaging on her phone. Her makeup is smoky, her lips are red and she’s wearing a black minidress and spike-heeled pumps. Suddenly, she notices a hole in her sexy garter-print pantyhose. It’s only small, but she can’t keep her hands off of it – and soon, it runs down from thigh to knee.

At first, Lea is angry that her expensive pantyhose are ruined – then she feels a kinky rush of lust. She removes one shoe and begins to massage her foot through the sheer black nylon. Then she loses the other, kneels on the bed and hikes up her dress. She pokes her fingers through the hole in her nylons and rips it, then she slips both hands down inside of the waistband.

She tears the crotch wide open, then begins to masturbate through her tight, black-lace panties. Soon, they are yanked aside to expose her slit, and her fingers grind against her moist, swollen clit. She takes her dress off, then sprawls back on the bed, legs raised and bent so she can play with her feet, shredding the nylon to bare them.

Her fingers are glistening wet with her cream as she pumps them in and out her puffy snatch, and her breath comes in heavy, rhythmic sighs. She tears the fabric from her other foot then, surfing the edge of orgasm, she rolls on all fours – ass up and head down – rubbing and plowing her pussy with one hand while ripping her pantyhose to ribbons with the other.

Slurping wet, she takes herself over the brink, wiggling and flexing her toes then pointing them as she cums hard. Spent, she lies back on the bed and caresses her beautiful body. Then she relaxes, sipping her coffee in the tattered remains of her pantyhose as the picture fades to black.

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[TheLifeErotic.com] Lea B – Ripped Nylons 2 (2020)

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