[TheLifeErotic.com | MetArt.com] Camden – Restrictive Ways 2 (2020)

[TheLifeErotic.com | MetArt.com] Camden – Restrictive Ways 2 (2020)
Tags : Solo, Posing, Blonde, Bondage, Masturbation, Mirror

Description: Blonde bondage freak Camden is getting kinky in a dungeon, strutting around in strappy platform stripper heels. She’s wearing a latex-look fetish minidress, with cutaways that leave her large breasts half-exposed and straining against silver chains. A pair of padded leather cuffs hangs from the ceiling, attached to ropes, and Camden cranks a lever to adjust the height before buckling them around her wrists.

She caresses her globes, freeing her nipples – but, with her reach limited, she can barely touch her crotch. Her gyrations hike up her dress to reveal her shaved pussy, and her fingers stretch to flutter over it. Dropping to her knees on the hard floor she squirms against her bonds, arms raised as she flaunts her half-naked curves for the camera.

Lust finally wins out and she detaches the cuffs from the ropes and sinks to the floor. Thighs splayed, she rubs her snatch with manicured fingers, moaning as she teases her wet, fleshy lips. She lubes her nipples with her juices, then lies back to give her slit some two-handed attention. With her wrists still bound, she can’t play with her tits and pussy simultaneously, but the restriction only gets her hotter.

Next, she loops the rope around one spike-heeled foot, raising it in the air as she grinds and rocks her ass against the hard wood floor. Her fingers circle her clit, then she binds her other ankle and continues to masturbate. Freeing it again, she frigs herself into a state of erotic delirium, building friction and moving her body to optimize her pleasure.

At last, with both legs in the air and spread wide apart, Camden fingerbangs herself to a loud, satisfying orgasm. Then she lies back to savor the afterglow, hands still cuffed as she runs them over her fabulous body.

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[TheLifeErotic.com | MetArt.com] Camden – Restrictive Ways 2 (2020)

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